Drone Services in Construction

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Photos are captured at various altitudes and elevations around the entire site and help document all phases of construction over time. This keeps all stakeholders, investors, owners, GC’s, subs, clients, banks, insurance companies and municipalities updated. Even though the drone captures high quality photos, our team edits each to make sure they look spectacular. Our clients typically have us fly their sites multiple times per month. With our automated photo report, we capture photos from the same locations on every single flight. This way you and your stakeholders have a consistent Progress Photo Report in pdf form to share. A fantastic way to WOW your current customers and impress future ones.


The perfect solution to show progress of your construction site over time and keep stakeholders up to date. We can also create a time-lapse video, clearly showing how your site changes each month. In addition, your videos are a great tool for use across all your marketing and social media platforms.


Once the roof goes up on your project, our team offers various services to capture the inside of your building. We can do something as simple as having a drone fly through your site or deliver a more detailed perspective by doing a complete walk through with our 360-degree cameras. Both methods help you accurately document and share the interior of your space, keeping stakeholders informed as your job progresses.


Utilizing the latest drone mapping technologies to keep all stakeholders up to date on what is happening on the site, Drone Brothers provides our clients with 2D maps, giving your team an extremely detailed view of the site. Unlike Google Earth, maps which pixelate when you zoom in and may not have been updated for months, our 2D maps show your site in real time. A game changer and a definite favorite of our Project Managers.


Tell your brand story in a new way. Combine high end professional video with our drone video and photo assets to create a compelling and engaging story for your business.