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High-End, Professional Training Videos

At Drone Brothers, we specialize in capturing and editing systems training videos, helping your clients and future building occupants learn to utilize various facility systems. From HVAC and docking equipment to electrical power distribution systems and irrigation systems, our comprehensive videos provide step-by-step guidance on operating these complex systems with ease.

HVAC Systems

A comprehensive video guide on operating and maintaining the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in the building, including temperature control, air quality management, and thermostat usage.

Electrical Systems

An instructional video series covering electrical panels, circuit breakers, switches, and emergency power systems, ensuring building occupants understand how to safely and efficiently manage electrical power distribution.

Fire Suppression Systems

A detailed video demonstration on the proper usage and maintenance of fire suppression systems, including fire alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, and evacuation procedures to enhance building safety.

Plumbing Systems

An informative video series showcasing the building’s plumbing infrastructure, water supply management, fixture usage, and instructions for addressing common plumbing issues.

Security Systems

A step-by-step video guide on utilizing access control systems, security cameras, alarms, and emergency lockdown procedures, empowering occupants to maintain a secure environment.

Building Systems

A comprehensive overview of the building’s automation systems, including energy management, lighting controls, and integration with other systems, demonstrating how to optimize efficiency and comfort.


Elevator & Escalator

A series of instructional videos on proper elevator and escalator usage, safety protocols, emergency procedures, and maintenance requirements to ensure smooth and secure vertical transportation.

Communications Systems

A video guide explaining the building’s communication infrastructure, including telephone systems, internet connectivity, Wi-Fi access points, and troubleshooting common network issues.

Docking Equipment

A comprehensive video series covering the operation of loading docks, overhead doors, lifts, and conveyor systems, emphasizing safety protocols and efficient handling of goods.

Irrigation Systems

An instructional video guide on managing irrigation systems, landscape lighting, and maintenance techniques to preserve water resources and ensure optimal landscape health.

Waste Management

A video series highlighting waste management procedures, recycling guidelines, waste disposal locations, and proper use of recycling and waste bins to promote sustainability.

Emergency Systems

A comprehensive video training on emergency response protocols, evacuation routes, assembly points, and communication procedures during emergencies such as fire, natural disasters, or other critical incidents.