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Ready to take your marketing to new heights? At Drone Brothers, we capture cinematic aerial and personal interview footage that will make your brand soar across a variety of media platforms. Our nationwide team of FAA-certified drone pilots is highly trained to help you create effective brand-enhancing videos. We handle everything from brainstorming concepts to putting the finishing editing touches on your video. Let’s team up and create some marketing magic that will elevate your brand by effectively communicating your company’s story to a wide audience.

Using Drone Videos for Marketing


The most obvious use of drone content for your business is in the use of a high-end professional commercials. In addition to shooting the videos, we can build out your commercial from start to finish.

Social Media

There is so much content being shared online every second. The ability for your company to cut through the clutter found on social media isn’t easy, but exciting, video content can help differentiate your marketing messages.


We see some of our clients utilizing our drone video footage as backgrounds on websites, or prominently embedded into the home page. This s a great way to pull your website visitors in and show them vs. tell them what you can do.


Built for housing and sharing videos online, your drone video footage makes for great content to share on these video platforms. In some cases, this kind of video content can also have an impact on your search engine visibility (SEO).