Pilot Affiliate Program

PILOTS: Become an affiliate pilot today!


The Affiliate Program is a dynamic program that allows you to be part of a nationwide network of pilots. One that not only provides direct business when we have a client in your area, but one that also allows you to make a commission on any business you refer to Drone Brothers, regardless of where in the country the job may be located. In short, you can make an introduction and if we fly the site, you earn a commission for the introduction and on every flight on the project until it ends.


  • You immediately become part of a nationwide network of pilots.
  • You can represent yourself to potential clients as being able to take care of a project anywhere in the United States – immediately expanding your business reach, while dramatically increasing your earning potential.
  • You become Drone Brothers exclusive pilot for your predetermined area.
  • Drone Brothers will create and market a local Drone Brothers ‘Google My Business’ page (GMB) promoting additional construction services.
  • You maintain your current website and non-construction services.
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