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Looking for new ways to fly your drone? Want to offer more services to your clients? Or are you just looking to break into the drone services space? We have a wealth of knowledge and connections to help you grow your drone business and make it more than a side-hustle. 


With clients spanning the entire US, we manage projects all over the country. Our pilot network offers a win-win scenario – we win by offering our clients nationwide reach and capabilities and pilots win by getting more opportunities to fly. If you’re a pilot looking for a side-hustle or want to get your drone company off the ground, sign up and we’ll connect with you to discuss ways to work together.

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The Affiliate Program is a dynamic program that allows you to be part of a nationwide network of pilots. One that not only provides direct business when we have a client in your area, but one that also allows you to make a commission on any business you refer to Drone Brothers, regardless of where in the country the job may be located. In short, you can make an introduction and if we fly the site, you earn a commission for the introduction and on every flight on the project until it ends.

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