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First Person View (FPV), the new frontier in drone video has arrived, and Drone Brothers, a nationwide leader in aerial photography, videography, mapping, inspection, analytics and marketing asset services, is leading the way once again.

Each FPV drone contains a high-definition video camera that broadcasts live footage back to the pilot on the ground. The pilot, by wearing FPV goggles, has the immersive experience of flying a drone as if floating in the sky next to it, rather than looking above while on the ground. The world of FPV is relatively new but rapidly growing, creating a whole new genre of video capture. The footage is immersive, exciting and fun to watch, providing the perfect marketing tool for raising brand awareness.


There are many reasons to get excited about FPV, but for the construction space, here’s some of the ways FPV drone video is changing the game:

  • Turns any construction project into immersive, engaging content for use across all social media and marketing platforms.
  • Positions your company in the marketplace as forward thinking and technologically savvy.
  • Increases wow factor, to excite, engage and broaden your client base.
  • Differentiates your brand in a crowded field.
  • Creates buzz and attracts eyeballs.


All businesses want to to elevate awareness of their brand. Here’s some of the industries we’ve identified as having the most upside from FPV: Resorts, Professional and Amateur Sports Teams & Venues, Municipalities, Government Agencies, Multi-Location Brands, Construction, Entertainment, Large Dealerships, Large Communities, Advertising Agencies (to offer their clients), Manufacturing, Automotive, Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Parks & Recreation Departments, and much more.


Brandan Boynton has over six years experience as an FAA Part 107 certified professional FPV drone pilot and has built over 50 custom drones. He is comfortable filming with GoPro or Lumix BHG1, in virtually any indoor or outdoor setting, including through water and at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. Brandan also developed the first commercial formula for waterproofing drones, which is marketed under the brand FPV Worry Free.

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What is first-person view (FPV) drone flying?

FPV drone flying is the process of operating a drone and seeing what the drone sees via a headset, FPV goggles, smart device or other screen.

How do people use FPV drone footage?

Right now most of the footage is just really exciting to watch and offers an immersive viewing experience that feels like riding a roller coaster. Most of the footage is offers entertainment value, however there is a growing use of this footage for marketing and advertising purposes.

Can any drone be used for FPV?

No, you need to utilize drone technology that offers FPV flights. The DJI FPV and EMAX Tinyhawk II are some examples of these FPV drones.

How do FPV drones work?

A FPV drone camera sends a video signal to a receiver that picks up the signal and displays the camera’s perspective to the pilot via goggles, a screen, a smart device or some other video display.