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Construction & Commercial Projects

What we do…


Progress photos and videos help document all phases of construction over time and keep your stakeholders, investors, owners, GC’s, subs, clients, banks, insurance companies and municipalities updated.


Rather than looking at outdated Google Maps, drone pilots are able to fly a prospective site without you having to leave the office while still getting a detailed, up-to-date view of the property your considering for your next job site.


While our job site maps are all available digitally, many prefer to roll out a map. Cover the walls in the job trailer with weekly maps we create so you can see your job progress come to life.


By creating a map or doing a video flyover, we can document the conditions of the roads before your trucks and heavy equipment show up.


Want to know how many trucks you will need to haul away the piles of crushed concrete on your job site? Our stockpile measurement technology is a game changer.


Safely, efficiently and quickly conduct building facade inspections with the help of our expert drone pilots and visual mapping services.

Site Monitoring

Monitor all the action happening at your site with up-to-date drone photos and videos from all the key angles in the sky and on the ground.


Integrate with all of your technologies including ProCore, AutoCAD and much more. We'll help you streamline the use and sharing of drone assets.

Ground Control Points

Add Ground Control Points (GCPs) to any site to capture pinpoint accuracy and analyze your job site progress from the large scale to the minuscule.

Zoning Meetings

Rather than waiting for the zoning board to send someone out to visit your site, be proactive and bring the site to them.

Site Plan Overlays

We can import your site plan as a separate layer in our drone maps or we can export our contour maps for use in your CAD system.


Drones make for a great tool to capture your team, your client and local government official with their hard hats and shovels for the groundbreaking ceremony.

360 Rendering Video

We can provide drone footage of empty land and overlay a 360 model of your new building as if it already exists.

Cut Fill Analysis

Our team can help with Cut-Fill analysis to help you save considerable time and money.


Drones are an outstanding tool to capture various milestones of your project; Footings placed, wall tilts, cement pours, roof placement, top off ceremonies and more.

Facade & Roof Inspection

The results of an aerial inspection offers our clients a way to safely present a more fully developed scope of work.

Interior Captures

We capture interiors with a drone fly through; great for large scale warehouse type projects (100,000’+) as well as more detailed FPV (First Person View) tour.

360 Interior Captures

Our team can do a complete walk through with our 360-degree cameras, delivering incredible detail utilizing the world’s most flexible and easiest-to-deploy 3D digital twin platform.

System Training Videos

With our nationwide team of pilots and videographers, we can help capture and produce system training videos for you to hand over to the new owners.

Documenting "As Built"

Compare what was built with the plan and make sure they fit together.

Day in the Life Video

Every business has a story to tell. Let Drone Brothers Marketing team help tell your companies story.

Final Landscape Shots

The photos and videos that we capture will give you and your clients some spectacular images to use in all your marketing and social media.

Project Time Lapse

Time lapses are a great way to show off your work, WOW existing clients and show prospective clients the caliber of your work.

Final Project Tour

Highlight the years of hard work your company invested in order to complete a building.