Drone Technology in Construction Keeps Getting Better & Better

Oct 21, 2019 | Construction

We love tech. In a given hour we’ll bounce between four devices, countless apps, various programs and all kinds of other technologies. Partly that’s because we’re managing hundreds and sometimes thousands of aerial photos, videos and maps in a given day. But it’s also because we love to test new features and technologies.

When it comes to drone technology in the construction space, the features and capabilities are radically transforming what’s possible for project managers. When it comes to what we offer our construction clients, here’s a little run down of how we can help your construction site using our drone technology.

Minimize Risks on the Job Site

Our drone tech allows us to safely fly job sites to analyze the potential risks without the need to walk the job site or ride around on a utility cart. In addition, the data we generate from our flights allow us to share actionable insights via mobile devices. All of this allows for improved coordination between your team members and subcontractors when it comes to visualizing site conditions.

Visual Timelines

Drone technology today allows us to detect deviations to the job site plan by comparing progress photos to actual pre-construction designs. These progress photos are also great assets to share with the end client to keep them aware of how the job is evolving as well as any milestones that are being met. We even are able to verify subcontractor work with side by side comparisons that inspect specific areas of the job site.

Simple Pre-Construction Planning

With the ability to overlay maps and job plans, as well as capturing photos, videos and panoramas using drone tech, our services make the pre-construction and site planning process much more efficient. We help our construction customers expedite the pre-construction design from the bid, to earthworks and more.

Consistency and Efficiency of Drone Visuals

In addition to the benefits that our construction clients are seeing that improve their ability to make decisions on the job site, our technology also gives us the ability to capture job sites in a consistent fashion. We are able to replicate our flights in order to deliver the most consistent view of a job site from a week to week basis. That means you’re getting to see the same angles of the site in order to make sure various aspects of the job are progressing as planned.

Custom Workflows

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is taking drone photos, videos and maps and acting on them. Our technology allows for a number of tech integrations that enable you to share these assets and the information quickly with the people that can utilize it in order to make decisions that keep the job safe and moving forward.

If you’re ready to elevate the management of your job site with sophisticated drone technology, contact us to get started.


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