4 Ways Drones Help You Run a Safer Construction Job Site

Jun 13, 2019 | Construction

Ask any industrial, commercial or residential construction job site manager what their biggest priority is and they are probably going to say safety. With that being the case, many construction management companies are waking up to the role that drones can play in improving the overall safety of a job site.

Not only can drones accomplish a variety of inspections and checks safer than humans, they can do it quicker with fewer risks to account for. Specifically, here are four common tasks that drones, and aerial photos/videos are making safer for construction site managers.

Inspect Difficult-to-Reach Structures

From high-rise buildings to awkward structures like bridges, drones can capture visuals of these kind of structures with little difficulty and with an extreme precision. The result is a high-resolution view of hard to reach structures without needing to put anyone at risk to manual inspect. Drones make it easy to assess the integrity of a particular structure or pinpoint any potential issues that aren’t visible from ground level.

Maintenance Assessments

Periodically a construction company may be called on or contracted to handle all on going maintenance of a given structure or building. Drones will help you assess a location for necessary updates and maintenance while sitting safely on the ground. Using a drone for these assessments also will provide you with a great piece of content to share with the client. This way they can see the needed updates themselves and not just have to take your word for it.

Measure Stockpiles Safely

Gone are the days of sending some out to manually walk the site and climb stock to take measurements. Drones can do this faster and much safer. By allowing drones to perform remote inspection with real time information, you can reduce the need to put boots on the ground in potentially dangerous areas. Manually climbing on stockpiles can be eliminated with a drone. The added benefit is that drones and their mapping capabilities can inspect a site in the fraction of time it would take a person to do the same.

Document Jobsite Safety Conditions

Sometimes in the fast-moving day to day operations of a job site, the safety conditions can change overnight. With the amount of materials, equipment and people involved in running a job site, keeping track of conditions can be a challenge. Recurring drone photos and videos captured throughout the duration of the job can help jobsite managers see the complete site and identify potential hazards before they cause accidents or injuries.


These are just a few ways drones are helping construction sites operate safer. While safety is a key reason to develop a drone strategy at your job site, the benefits of incorporating drone photography and videography extend well beyond just safety. If you’re looking to run a safer job site and need a drone partner to help you do that, contact us today to get started.


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