6 Ways Drones Are Transforming Construction Site Management Forever

May 10, 2019 | Construction

Drones have come a long way since the first pilotless winged aircraft flew in 1917. Today, most think of the beautiful aerial photos, but layered with the right technology, drones are transforming how we approach many industries, opening up new discussions and creative approaches to long-standing processes.

The world of construction site management and other types of infrastructure development are benefiting from the bird’s eye view drones offer. However, when drone images are layered with the right software and execution, the management of these projects is becoming far more efficient. Here’s how.

1. Weekly Aerial Progress Updates

From videos to targeted images of specific locations on a job site, drones help project managers and superintendent see how a job is (or isn’t) progressing. These visuals help identify aspects of a job that need attention, the aspects that are ahead or behind schedule and a overall view of what’s going on. The images alone are extremely valuable in keeping a job moving, but this is just the beginning of what’s possible.

2. Aerial Mapping with Site Plan Overlay

Enter the project manager’s trailer on any job site and you’re sure to see a variety of maps and site plans that help inform the project. These are extremely valuable and critical for effective management. Now imagine these blueprints layered on top of an actual aerial photo of the job site. This offers a level of specificity and accuracy that site plans simply can’t offer. Additionally, weekly updated maps offer views of progress without the clutter of handwritten notes and marks.

3. Safer Job Site Inspections

No matter the job site, safety is the top priority and the reality is that working at heights can be extremely dangerous. Whether a routine inspection, or assessing a dangerous situation, drones are helping project and job site managers work safer. From roofs to facades, drones help minimize risks, allowing site managers to develop a plan before sending anyone up to repair, build or address projects high off the ground. Thanks to these high resolution drone photos and videos, job sites are operating safer.

4. Digital Job Site Map Sharing

Layered with the right mapping technology and/or software, aerial photos can be digitized and shared. Instead of going out to the particular area of a job site that needs attention, project managers can send digital links of up-to-date site maps. The maps can have notations and directions on them as well, which saves the time that would normally be spent driving to each individual area in a utility vehicle. This technology is here already, but many aren’t taking advantage.

5. Project Updates for Customers

The customer that hired your construction management company for the building of a new facility or site will want regular updates on progress. It’s one thing to tell them what’s going on and it’s another to show them. Aerial photos from drones offer a powerful differentiator for construction companies when it comes to customer service. Additionally, instead of drafting long, detailed progress updates, project managers can simply share a drone-captured aerial view of the project, which saves tons of time.

6. Marketing Materials

The beautiful visuals generated by drones and the progress images can help your construction management firm deliver compelling marketing materials. Instead of telling about all the great work you’ve done for other clients, this material can be packaged into videos and graphics that show what your company is capable of. Ultimately, this will become an industry standard, but for now, this kind of content can really help improve your marketing and sales materials to drive more business.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it captures the general opportunity that exists for construction management companies as it relates to drone photography and videography. As we said above, these will all be industry standard practices at some point, but for now, drone tech offers you a chance to set your construction management company apart and achieve a competitive advantage.

If your construction management company is looking for a drone partner to bring your project management to the next level, we’re ready to get to work. Our pilots are located across the country and our technology is second to none. Contact us today to get a quote.


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