Education Series: How Drone Mapping Analytics is Transforming the Construction Industry

Jan 31, 2024 | Education

For companies in construction, accurately measuring stockpiles and berms is an essential yet time-consuming and expensive task. However, with innovative drone mapping software and stockpile biometrics reports from Drone Brothers, your business can save thousands of dollars and countless hours.

The Challenges of Manual Stockpile Measurement

Using traditional measurement techniques to calculate cut and fill volumes for stockpiles and berms on job sites can be an arduous process. Survey crews need to be scheduled and deployed to take physical measurements using hand tools and calculations. This manual approach is not only slow but also prone to human error, leading to inaccurate estimations.

The costs quickly add up from the man hours required to complete just a single stockpile measurement. With multiple stockpiles per site that need routine measurement, businesses end up spending far too much time and money quantifying their material piles.

Automated Precision with Drone Stockpile Reports

Drone Brothers offers a cutting-edge solution that automates the stockpile measurement process for enhanced speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Using advanced drone mapping software, our team can create detailed 3D maps of your job sites, clearly outlining each stockpile location.

After the flight, our software automatically calculates exact cut and fill volumes for every stockpile, which can also be labeled by material type within the map. No more guessing or unreliable estimations. You get precise biometrics for the entirety of your stockpiled materials in one dynamic report.

Saving Time and Money

The automated stockpile reports from Drone Brothers provide unmatched value through major time and cost savings. You no longer need to allocate manual labor hours for on-site measurement collection. The accuracy of the drone-captured data reduces wasted materials from incorrect stockpile estimates.

We estimate our clients save thousands in expenses per job site by switching from traditional stockpile measurement to our biometrics reports. The precise cut and fill quantities allow you to efficiently track materials, streamline logistics, and reduce waste.

Convenient Data Sharing

Our custom stockpile reports can be easily exported and shared with your team in clear, printable formats. All stakeholders from site managers to project executives get access to up-to-date, accurate information on material volumes across job sites.

By embracing drone mapping and reporting technology from Drone Brothers, your company gains an efficient automated solution for superior stockpile measurement and management. Contact our drone mapping experts to learn how our stockpile biometrics reports can start saving you thousands today.


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