7 Questions to Help You Find the Best Aerial Photography & Videography Drone Partner

Jun 17, 2019 | Commercial, Construction, General News, Residential

Over the last few years drone technology has rapidly improved in a variety of ways. From the quality of camera’s attached to these drones, to the decreasing costs of ownership, more and more people are enjoying the technology for both personal and business purposes.

However, this mass adoption of drones has made everyone a “pilot” despite a limited amount of fly-time, training and the appropriate certifications. From a business and professional perspective, the quality of drone photos and videos being captured varies dramatically in industries like commercial real estate, residential real estate and construction management.

Do they have knowledge of your industry?

When hiring a drone partner for your project, it’s important to find a company that knows your industry. For example, within real estate, you will want to work with a partner that understands the selling features of a home both from the exterior and interior of the house. In industries like construction, there are very strict and specific safety rules and regulations pilots must adhere to. See that your drone partner has experience in your industry.

Are they FAA Certified?

In order for a drone company to fly drones commercially (meaning to make money with drone services), they must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with a part 107 certification. Beyond that important requirement, the certification gives you peace of mind knowing that your drone partner understands the regulations, operating requirements and procedures for safely flying drones.

Do they have high-quality work samples?

Like any other service-based industry, it is critical to see past work samples of your potential drone partner. Ideally the company will have a long list of work samples to explore and ideally these would be found online. Review these samples and make sure the quality of work fits with what you’re looking to accomplish.

Do they have strong customer reviews and testimonials?

With the barrier of entry into the drone services space getting smaller and smaller, many drone companies have sprung up. While the drone services are all pretty similar (with some exceptions), the real variable from company to company is customer service. Look at online reviews to make sure you’re working with a partner that not only captures great aerial videos and photos, but also delivers exceptional customer service.

Who is on their client list?

It helps to know what kind of clients your potential drone partner has worked with. The best drone partners are the ones that have worked with clients of all sizes. This shows that they offer a comprehensive set of services for any size budget, but they also have the ability to service large, complex jobs for large companies. Look for a drone company that has worked with a wide array of clients.

Do they offer more than the standard aerial photos and videos?

Many don’t realize just how powerful drone technology has become. While most drone companies offer the basic drone photos and videos, the industry leaders do much more than that. From construction job site mapping and custom overlays, to mapping software, to video editing and landing pages, finding a partner that goes beyond the basic will open the door to more potential uses for their services.

Is it easy to reach and communicate with a real person?

In today’s world, many companies have replaced human interactions with chatbots, call centers and form fills. While these serve a purpose for some, it is extremely important to be able to reach a real person at a drone company especially if you have a complex project that requires a more collaborative discussion. Finding a company where real people get back to you quickly and/or answer the phone is a sign that the company offers strong customer service and effectively communicate.

Exploring these various aspects of your potential drone partners will help you feel good about your selection. A face-to-face meeting is also a great way to talk through some of these things and your potential partner should make themselves available for such a discussion.

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