5 Ways Developers Use Drone Visuals to Gain Efficiency, Competitive Advantage

Apr 7, 2022 | Construction, Marketing

Drone Brothers is a leading nationwide provider of aerial photography, videography, mapping, inspections , analytics and marketing assets. Here are two key ways that drone footage can create competitive advantages and marketing efficiencies for asset management firms and property owners nationwide.

Elevate Your Brand with Drone Assets

Your brand is extremely valuable and the way you represent your brand to potential buyers and customers matters. By capturing drone images of your sites, you can more effectively showcase your properties, help your in-house marketing team, as well as commercial brokers that represent you.

By having Drone Brothers create an asset that presents your property in a more compelling and accurate manner, you raise the overall brand image while maintaining a high standard look and feel, regardless of where the property may be located. These assets can then be used across a wide array of marketing efforts and social media. Here are some links showing how our clients are using these assets on their websites:

Improve Project Efficiency with Aerial Visuals

As part of your best practices, it is critical to set drone usage standards for General Contractors that you hire, across all project contracts. Drone Brothers provides the eyes for your team at all of your projects under development nationwide, representing valuable travel time and money saved. By capturing progress of a site on a weekly basis, GC’s are accountable for time-lines and all stakeholders including clients, investors and municipalities are always up to speed as to what phase of development each site currently stands.

Unless you set the rules and guidelines as to what is expected, each GC will continue to document their sites any way they choose. If you are developing 25 different sites, you could potential get 25 different ways that those GC’s document each. Unfortunately, this leads to varying quality and dependability issues. Drone Brothers ensures that EVERY site is flown and documented the exact same way. All files are stored in one location, providing your team with access to all of your projects across the country from one URL. This provides a high level of consistency across all jobs, regardless of location and eliminates the need for every manager to ask “who has the assets from 3 weeks ago for project XYZ?”.

Here are some examples of contract language with respect to a GC’s use of drones:

Progress Photos

At least 30 high resolution JPG’s captured (no DNG’s)

Using Construction Drone Footage Drone Brothers 800px

Progress Video

60-90 second long highlight video from that weeks flight. Video needs to be properly branded with owners logo, clients logo & date of the shoot. Video needs to be saved on Vimeo (or similar hosting services) and original Mp4 file needs to be provided.

Progress photo report

One lap around the entire site capturing the same photos from the same altitude and angles each week over the life of the project. Click here to view an example.

Progress Panoramas

At least one panorama per every 40 acres of site size. i.e. One panorama from each side of the site. Click here to view an example.

Time lapse progress video

One time lapse video provided every 90 days.

At the end of the day, we are always looking for ways to standardize and simplify how drone assets are captured and used by our clients. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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