The Types of Drone Videos You Should Be Capturing (with Examples)

Jul 12, 2019 | Commercial, Construction, General News, Marketing, Residential

We have hours of aerial footage from all the projects we’ve had the privilege of capturing with our drones across the country. The types of drone videos you can capture are endless and we’ve had all kinds of project requests. However, we’ve picked up on some trends in what people are looking for with aerial videography.

Here’s a look at the various types of drone videos we make for our clients as well as explanation on why they are so valuable.

Digital Offering Memorandum – Wixom, MI

Whether you’re a national franchise looking to expand, or you’ve been hired by the franchise to build and plan for a new building construction, these digital property offering memorandums help give a sense of the potential site. From local attractions to major crossroads, help your stakeholders visualize the location and understand why it’s a smart investment.

Construction Progress Video – Tempe, AZ

Drones have radically transformed the construction industry. Aerial videos are helping job site managers work more safely and efficiently by offering a full view of the job site. Similarly, these progress videos (captured weekly) help project managers improve customer service by sharing these materials with customers to help them see exactly how things are developing at the job site.

Site Selection – South Lyon, MI

When land is secured for a new industrial or commercial construction venture, capturing a video of the entire property, along with images, is a great first step to planning and preparing for the project. These can supplement property blueprints by offering an actual view of the land and what kind of preparation will be required.

Residential Real Estate Property Video – Bruce Township, MI

Drone videos of residential real estate, especially luxury properties, are increasingly becoming the norm within the industry. Larger properties offer more space to capture and aerial videos help to give a full view of the property as well as any selling features of the home. If you’re a realtor and have any high-end properties, these videos are going to help get more views and interest in a way that simple pictures can’t.

Commercial Real Estate Property Video – Southfield, MI

When business decisions makers are looking to lease an office or building, before scheduling any appointments or visiting the location, they will more than likely look online for available properties. As they scroll through listings, get their attention with a professional aerial video and supplement it with interior video as well. This will help you stand out among the crowd and help potential tenants see the location and applicable points of interest.

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