Technology Use Accelerates as a Result of COVID-19 & There’s No Going Back

Apr 23, 2020 | Computers, Engineering, News

Prior to COVID-19 and the shutting down of our country, technology was already moving so fast.  What normally would take 12-18 months to see revolutionary technology changes is now happening literally on a monthly basis. The speed at which these changes are happening is both difficult to understand and often time, intimidating to keep up with.

More importantly, we have to deal with human nature and that little voice in our head that says, “But this is the way I have always done things and it has worked fine for me.”

What are perceived as “new” technologies have actually been around for a while. We, as businesspeople have just never been forced far enough out of our comfort zone to start using them. Why should we?  Up until COVID-19, life has been pretty darn good, and we have been successful running our business without them.

Let’s look at Zoom for an example. Did you know that it was launched in 2013?  In the world of technology that is almost a lifetime ago! Millions of people have been taking advantage of Zoom for 7+ years. To the rest of us, we are just now finding this revolutionary solution.

Let’s look at another example – virtual tours or video walk throughs. The technology for giving someone a virtual tour of a house, apartment, office building, retail center or construction project has been available for years. This is a tool that successful leaders in your respective industry have been taking advantage of. These people are referred to in the industry as “early adopters”.

Today, we all carry around a spectacularly advanced device in our pocket, our phones. These phones have video capabilities that are utterly mind blowing. In fact, just to make the point as to how great these cameras are, Apple partnered up with Lady Gaga to film her latest video 100% on an iPhone!

Stop for a minute and try to process this. What used to be done with an entire crew and millions of dollars of video equipment is now being done with a $1,000 iPhone, that any of us can buy off the shelf at the local store!

Because of this pandemic, all of our sudden our clients are now calling us daily to ask if we do video tours, video walk-throughs, etc. Our team has actually been offering these kinds of services for years.  It has taken a seismic shift in how we are all operating our business for the majority of people to realize these tools exist and most importantly, have the ability to make their lives easier!

I am simply here to point out what may not be obvious to many – we will never be going back to the old ways we used to run our businesses!

Zoom and video tours are just two simple examples of what the new landscape looks like.  If you have not done so already, now is the time to embrace technology and find out how it can be used to make yours and your clients lives better.

It’s only a matter of time before every house for sale, commercial property, apartment complex and construction site will be offering video tours or documentation.  Why not take this time today to become a leader in this trend?

Our clients and prospects will no longer accept the old way of doing things and will not be getting in their cars, catching a flight or looking at properties the way they used to.  It no longer makes sense. It’s time that you take advantage of technology and bring your property & job site to them!

Call us today if you’re ready to reimagine how you run your construction or real estate business. We’ve got many case studies of drone “early adopters” and we’re ready to help you build out a drone program to differentiate your business and work more efficiently.


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