Leading Construction Firms Understand Drone Flights Don’t Stop When The Roof Goes Up

Nov 12, 2022 | Construction

When most people think about drones, they think of a fantastic tool for capturing aerial images of all things in our OUTSIDE world. Which is true. However, as the technology and camera sensors have dramatically improved over the years, drones have become an outstanding way to capture INTERIOR assets as well. Today, drones are being used for interior flights across a wide spectrum of businesses. From realtors to virtual tours of commercial showrooms. And now the construction industry is gaining momentum.

Many of the most successful General Contractors now have us fly and document the inside of their construction projects once the roof goes up. Until recently – just a few years ago – a project manager had no choice but to walk through their buildings holding an iPhone or other handheld camera to document interior progress. Today, with the technical advancement of these flying cameras, our team can literally fly end to end of a five-story, 4,000,000 sq ft Amazon facility in a matter of minutes to help document the entire construction process.

We are currently testing 360-degree cameras that can be attached to a drone and deliver a 360-degree virtual tour. All this exciting technology has evolved in just the last couple of years and is saving General contractors a tremendous amount of time documenting their jobsites. As a company that stands at the forefront of implementing drone technology, we can’t wait to see where things will be in the next two years! And rest assured that wherever it leads, Drone Brothers will be leading the way in implementing new technology to benefit our customers.

If you would like to learn more about how drone technology can help create a safer workplace, while saving your team time and money, do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime. We love educating our clients on how drones can help each project move more efficiently with enhanced accountability at every level! In the meantime, check out this interior demo reel our marketing team put together…


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