Drones Offer a Competitive Advantage That’s Waiting for You…

Apr 7, 2019 | Construction, News

Every day we come to work looking for some kind of competitive advantage in order to WIN more customers.   We are living in such an exciting and breathtaking time, where technology is giving all that are willing to use it, a HUGE Competitive Advantage.  With new technology comes the fear of change.  “We have been doing things this way… why change…. ”  If you look at history, the companies that are always successful, obviously do the basics correctly.  They also are first in line to take advantage of the latest technologies.  For an extreme example, look at what Elon Musk is doing with Tesla.  Here is a car company that is only a few years old, that is taking on car companies that have unlimited pocketbooks and have been around for 50+ years.  Tesla is WINNING with technology.  Stop and take a look at all the latest technologies your company has available.  Are you just tipping your toes in the technology water, or are you jumping in with both feet?

Every few decades there is a new technology that presents itself that has the potential to revolutionize an industry (or many industries). Drones are that new technology.  Whether you build your own internal drone team or hire a third party provider (that would be us :}), we encourage you to jump in with both feet.  The companies that we see investing time, effort and a little bit of money are WINNING.  Documenting the progress on a construction site not only benefits your company, helps in your marketing and social, but most importantly helps differentiate your company from the rest when you are trying to WIN new clients.  In fact, you are going to see your clients begin to demand that drone images be part of your offerings.  Stay ahead of YOUR competition and embrace drone services as part of your normal work-flow.  I promise you, when you look back in 1-2 years, you will wonder how in the world you were ever able to be successful without them.


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