Solving the Challenges of Interior Captures During Construction

Jan 8, 2024 | Construction

The Challenge of Capturing Building Interiors

Traditional photography and videography methods have limitations in showcasing the grandeur and complexity of large-scale warehouse projects, as well as the intricate details of smaller, more intimate spaces.

Drone Fly-Throughs Offer a New Solution

Fly-throughs are videos captured by drones that fly through a building’s interiors. This technology allows builders to create immersive and dynamic visuals that give a more comprehensive view of the space, from large warehouses to smaller retail stores and residential properties.

Conveying Scale and Scope

For large-scale warehouse projects, drone fly-throughs can capture the vastness of the space in a way that traditional methods cannot. This is especially important for builders trying to sell the space to potential clients, as it allows them to truly convey the scale and scope of the project.

Capturing Intricate Details

Another advantage of using fly-throughs is the level of detail that can be captured. Drones can capture every nook and cranny of a space, from the unique features of the architecture to the textures and patterns of the materials used.

Monitoring Construction Progress

Drone fly-throughs can also be used as a tool for builders during the construction process. By capturing the interiors of the building at different stages, project managers can better monitor how the space is coming together and make any necessary adjustments.


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