Drones Are Great for Interior Photos & Videos Too – Here’s 4 Interior Samples

Feb 4, 2020 | Commercial, Construction, General News, Residential

When thinking about drones, many think of the typical aerial photo or video showing an expansive view of a particular outdoor location. While these visuals serve a variety of uses in multiple industries, the reality is that drones can also capture compelling interior photos and videos as well.

The building needs to be conducive for interior drone visuals. For example, we don’t fly drones in small, residential buildings. However, many of our drone pilots are experienced using other video equipment for interior jobs.

With drones, you can capture photos and videos both by flying the drone and by holding it and treating it like a handheld camera. This offers the quality of drone images in spaces big and small. While the benefit of interior photos and videos will depend on the industry you work in, here are just a few ways interior drone visuals can help your business.

Construction – Cement Pour

While most of the construction job site progress content we capture is focused on the exterior of a job, the reality is that the interior aspects of the job require the same kind of attention to progress. In the following example, we captured a time lapse video of an interior cement pour. With such high quality images and videos you can keep track of all of your various trades responsible for the interior elements of the job.

Marketing – Car Dealership Interior

All drone content makes for great marketing content. But in addition to the exterior of your retail or office location, drones can capture some really stunning interior images and videos that offer a closer look into your business. Capture “on the job” content, spotlight your products, introduce your staff, and much more. Help your potential customers get to know you and your business, literally inside and out.

Industrial – Interior Progress Video

Whether you’re selling, leasing or building an industrial facility, our drone pilots can capture some really compelling visuals of your interior space. Help your audience get a view of the space and/or highlight how the development of the space is progressing with your clients. Whatever the case, large scale industrial spaces are perfect candidates for capturing drone photos and videos that can be used in all kinds of ways. Here’s a cool clip we captured from a recent project in Wisconsin.

Residential Real Estate – Combining Drone Footage with Interior Photos & Videos

Instead of needing to hire your interior photographer and your drone photographer, why not book your listing photo service with just one phone call? Drones capture extremely high quality photos and videos that really make a real estate listing stand out. We supplement our drone visuals with great interior visuals (not captured by a drone). Additionally, you’ll save money by hiring one company to come to your listing and capture everything in one day. Here is a demo reel of the kinds of interior real estate content we can capture.


Yes, drones can fly and capturing amazing photos and videos from hundreds of feet in the air, but given the quality of the camera, they offer exceptional quality interior content as well. Whatever your industry or your video need, instead of hiring a videographer, a photographer and a drone company, make one phone call to a group that can do it all. This will save time, money and offer you an amazing collection of visual assets to help differentiate you and your business.


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