How Drone Brothers Pilots Can Double Flights and Income

Feb 29, 2024 | Newsletter

When clients hire Drone Brothers to document their construction job sites, they typically come with either a preconceived idea of how often their site should be flown or with specific directions from their client (Owner/Developer).

Typical Client Requests

When we first started in business 10+ years ago, it was usually “Can you please capture some aerial photos from 4 corners of the site (looking in each cardinal direction) 1X/month. We just need a handful of photos to include in our monthly owners’ report”.

Over the Years, Requests Have Changed

As the years have progressed, we are now averaging 2 flights per month, per project and most of the assets we capture include photos, videos, and maps. I refer to these captures as the big picture overview since it gives the Owner/Developer assets they need to keep an eye on progress at each of their projects. Using some simple math, today, a typical project for us is 2x/month for anywhere from 12-18 months (depending on the complexity of the project. This equates to 24-36 flights for our pilot flying the project.

Math Behind a Typical Project

As our pilots are literally our eyeballs on each site, each time they visit to fly they have the opportunity to educate the Superintendent and Project Manager on additional ways to use drone technology to save their team time and money, while always creating a safer work environment.

Educating the Client

There are two simple ways for our pilots to increase the number of additional flights in addition to what they are contracted for:

  1. Get to know the Superintendent or Project Manager and crew in the trailer. Make it a habit to always check in, shake someone’s hand, and let them know you are there. Strike up a conversation. Become their friend, their source of information, and do everything you can to help educate them. Anything you can do to help make their job easier will be appreciated and go a long way.
  2. Pay attention to what is going on at the site. Instead of just pulling up, unboxing your drone, and launching a mission, walk around the site and pay attention to what other trades are on site and what phase of construction they are in. There are so many things happening on-site at any one time. Start noticing and think of creative ways you and the drone can help.

Here are a handful of questions to ask the Supervisor or Project Manager to keep things moving forward and drum up some additional flights…

Future Projects

“It looks like this site is wrapping up in the next couple weeks, where are you heading next? Drone Brothers is Nationwide, and we would love to provide you with the same outstanding service and asset delivery on your next project, anywhere in the US.”

New Construction

“Are there any other jobs starting in town? Do you know any other superintendents we can contact who could benefit from our services?”

Software Features

“Would you like to learn something new or see a cool new feature that just rolled out with the drone software I use?”

Trades on Site

“I noticed the trucks on site from XYZ Roofing. I was wondering if you could introduce me to someone from their company, I captured some great shots today of the roof installation that I think they would love.”

Stockpile Volumes

“I see you guys are just getting ready to start moving dirt, do you have a minute for me to show you how drones are an outstanding tool for measuring earthwork and doing cut-fill analysis?”

“I noticed a huge stockpile on the SE corner of the site, would it be helpful if we added an extra flight to give you updated stockpile volumes, so you know how much dirt is being moved around or trucked off-site?”

Document Milestones

“It looks like you guys are going to be doing a cement pour next week. Many of our clients document a milestone like this with drone footage. Would you like me to come back next week to film that?” This same question can be asked regarding Wall Tilts, Final beam ceremonies, Dome placements, etc.

Interior Progress

“I see your team has almost completed the roof. Did you know that drones and 360 cameras are great tools to document and capture the progress of interior construction as well? Would you like us to start documenting the inside?”

Systems Training Videos

“It looks like you are wrapping up construction soon. Did you know that our team can handle all your system training video requirements? Instead of showing up with my drone, I can document the systems training with my DSLR, Tripod, and mic and we can produce instructional videos for HVAC, Fire Suppression, Alarm, etc. the owners or tenant.”

Grand Opening Event

“Is there going to be a Grand Opening in the next few weeks? How cool would it be to have that on film and capture all the executives, crowds, and your team as the new facility opens?”

Final Marketing Materials

“Once the final landscape is done and before you hand over the keys, would it make sense to get some final photos and videos of the building? These would be great for marketing, social media and make for a great keepsake for your team and your client.”

As you can see, there are so many opportunities for drones to help during the life cycle of a construction project. By establishing a relationship, simply paying attention, and asking lots of questions, you can easily double the number of flights over the lifetime of a construction project. Be sure to download our 2024 Construction Playbook to educate yourself and most importantly…educate our client.


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