5 Unexpected Industries Benefiting from Drones & Drone Data

Jul 23, 2019 | General News

Humans rely on our eyes to make decisions, assess situations and determine when there is or is not a risk to our survival. It is simply instinct. We’ve become very good at this and are able to analyze what we see extremely quickly and react accordingly.

Now imagine we could do that while hovering a few hundred feet off the ground. We would be able to process so much more information and this view would allow us to identify potential threats much more quickly. This is the benefit of drones.

There are many uses of the drones that we are only starting to recognize. For us, we get all kinds of requests, mostly in the construction, real estate and marketing spaces, but the potential uses of drones go well beyond that. Here are some ways drones are helping improve our understanding of the world around us.

Mountain Mapping

One of the most interesting uses of drone tech we’ve heard about was the use of drone images for 3D mapping of an actual mountain. Outdoor enthusiasts like mountain climbers are using this kind of drone mapping technology to understand the terrain they plan to summit.

Fitness Accessibility

Drones can actually track you as you run and provide real-time feedback and coaching during the process. What’s even more powerful is that drones are helping make exercise programs more accessible for the visually impaired. The drone flies ahead of the runner adjusting to the runner’s pace and guiding by sound. It’s a truly remarkable use case.

Insurance Claims & Assessments

From a safety perspective, drones are helping insurance companies safely assess and inspect properties without the need for a person to climb large structures, buildings or homes. Beyond safety, drones are helping the insurance space both on the initial inspection but also for examining damaged property as well.

Disease Control Tactics

With the ability to track animals from afar, some researchers are using drones to track the movements of certain animal species that are known to carry infectious disease. This tracking ability allows for a better understanding of not only the animals’ behaviors but how the disease ultimately is passed to humans. Like anything with health and disease, the key is prevention and drones could help prevent serious outbreaks before they happen.

City Planning

When a city continues to grow in population, but the boundaries remain the same, innovation and planning are required to accommodate such growth in foot traffic and alleviate strains on public services. Drones are helping city planners understand the day-to-day activities of a given location and identify areas of congestion or potential risks. In other words, drone data helps build smarter, safer and more efficient cities.

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