21+ Drone Uses Implemented by Successful GC’s

Nov 1, 2022 | Buildings, Construction, Engineering

It’s 2022 and we have access to sooooo much data. Why not take advantage of the information that this data provides to save your company time and money? We realize that the contract that your clients signed with you may only require 4 aerial photo once per month, but why settle for this minimum? Why not try to WOW your client and set yourself apart from the rest of the GC pack. Why not capture and produce a progress video, create a time lapse, and use these assets to show your clients and prospects how your company embraces technology! Why not arm your New Business Development team with these assets to help them WIN MORE business!

For the next few years (until drone use becomes standard practice on EVERY site), you have the opportunity to establish a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for yourself by embracing these additional drone services. More importantly, lets forget about the clients for a minute…. why handicap your team by not taking advantage of all the other data points that drones can provide? Our Marketing team has compiled at least 21 examples of how drones can be used successfully on a jobsite. Check it out.


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