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Tungaloy is home to the latest innovations in cutting tools and carbide inserts for turning, grooving, threading, drilling and milling applications. Here’s how our drone services helped them save time and money.


Tungaloy America recently had a new roof installed on their Arlington Heights, Illinois headquarters. The roofing contractor was looking for their final payments but the Facilities Manager at Tungaloy wanted to make sure the project was completed to the agreed upon specs. Additionally, the Facilities Manager wasn’t local and to have it inspected personally would have required traveling to the facility.

In order to save time and money, Tungaloy hired Drone Bros to be the eyes in the sky to review the project without needing to travel to the location. What normally would have taken days and thousands of dollars in travel expenses (airline ticket, car rental, hotel stay), was completed in only a couple hours and at a fraction of the cost. More importantly, the Facilities Manager didn’t have to deal with the Windy Cities frigid temperatures or having to personally climb on the roof.

Safety, cost effectiveness and efficiency is exactly what our team was able to deliver for Tungaloy. This is yet another way drones are helping businesses solve real-world problems and do so while saving time and money.