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Every so often we come across a brilliant marketing idea and we wanted to take a minute to share this with everyone.

Our clients at Motor City Wash Works are the worldwide leaders in Car Wash Equipment and Supplies. Each time one of their clients opens a new car wash they hire Drone Brothers to capture drone and ground footage showing off the new location. Here is where their brilliance comes into play. Once we produce and edit the footage, they use it in two creative ways. First, they post it on their home page, which in turn gives their future car wash prospects the opportunity to see exactly what Motor City’s deliverable is. Second, they present the video as a Thank You to their new car wash client so that they can use it on their website and on social media platforms to promote their brand-new business! This is a classic WIN-WIN!

Every General Contractor should be doing something similar. Drone Brothers will capture some beautiful final shots of the project your team just spent the past year or more of their lives building, to use to promote the quality of work that your company delivers. Next, you can deliver a copy of the video and photos to your client for them to use as well. Ask them to @mention you, which could lead to more business and the cycle repeating! Drone Brothers… Helping our clients create a Win-Win Opportunity.