Scaling Drone Services Nationwide


Ryan Companies


From commercial real estate project conception to completion and beyond, Ryan Companies puts their hearts into creating spaces that bring your story to life. Here’s how our drone services help them succeed.


Drones are transforming the way construction job sites are managed. From keeping track of week-to-week job site progress, to measuring stockpiles with sophisticated drone analytics, construction companies like Ryan Companies are loving what drones can do to improve job site management.

From an operational perspective, construction businesses that manage job sites across the country are faced with the challenge of finding local drone pilots and then managing those relationships at the local level. One of the benefits Ryan Companies enjoys by working with Drone Bros is our nationwide network of FAA certified drone pilots, resulting in only one vendor relationship to manage for multiple job sites.

The benefits from a cost and operation perspective are tremendous. Ryan Companies can manage drone photos, videos and maps via one vendor (Drone Bros) instead of having to find and hire different vendors for every location. In addition, with Drone Bros’ sophisticated file sharing and analytics platform, accessing important drone data for jobs across the country is extremely simple.

By working with just one drone company on multiple projects around the country, Ryan Companies was able to save in time and cost while getting consistent and effective drone content.

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  • Our national network of FAA Certified pilots means less time spent finding local pilots.
  • One-call on-boarding for each job site and construction project.
  • With one link to access all photos, maps, videos, Ryan Companies benefits from the economy of scale Drone Bros offers.
  • Vendor approval process becomes streamlined by working with an already approved drone service provider.
  • Single partner for entire lifespan of the project – from site selection, to job completion.
  • Stockpile measurement data for improved site management.


As you can see from the below image, Ryan Parks – PM for Ryan Companies, got real creative and printed out the aerial maps that we produced and overlaid on their site plan. He then installed both under a clear lucite protection on their desk in the construction trailers for the entire team to view. At the same time, we were able to import his site plan directly into our proprietary software for the entire team to view on their computers, iPads and phones.


Ryan Companies 2D Map Overaly


When you have a crew working 24/7 and are building out a multi-million square foot, 4 story facility, having larger than life access to the data is really important to Eric Bridgewater and his team. He installed a 70” monitor in the trailer for his entire team to access things like the drone maps that we capture 2 times per week. This way his entire team and suppliers are all on the same page, which in turn saves Eric time and money, which ultimately makes his client really happy!


Using 2D Map Job Site 1024x768 1


Brian Henrich – PM of Ryan Companies thought he would give drones a try for his new site in Albuquerque, NM. He originally committed to have the site flown 2x/month. After the first photos, videos and map were captured, his team and client loved the footage so much that they increased the flights to 1x/week for the first 3 months.


“We use this footage primarily for updating our clients and the major stakeholders in the project. Basically we want to show them what their money is doing and how their building is coming along without having to physically be onsite. This particular owner/developer really seems to like the pano photo based on the feedback received after week #1. We also use the overall site maps for referencing with our contractors as they are new to site and also for any daily/weekly meetings to work through logistics.”

Brian H.

PM, Ryan Companies